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Corporate Profile

Conmed Devices Pvt. Ltd. is exclusive Importer and Distributor of wide range of Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensers, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, Housekeeping chemicals & Disposable products which have application across various sectors such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Food processing, Real estate, Research lab, Glass industry, Beverage & Hospitality Industries, Dairy industry, Ketchup Industry, Rice Industry etc..

Since its inception in 2009 conmed devices has been successfully serving diversified industries such as health care, food, hospitality, pharma and government sector with vide range of new and innovative products. With wide range range of distribution network along with dedicated sales team and also under the leadership and guidance of young entrepreneur Mr Dattatreya Bakshi , Conmed has been successful in building long trust and reputation with all its clientele all over India.

The brief description of our product range is as below:

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispensers
A unique device  to maintain hygiene levels,  control  infections and protect shine and finish of flooring .  We have the best and most successful automatic shoe cover dispensers which run without electricity and can be used with  different kind of shoe covers for different applications.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
Automatic Hand Sanitizers is widely used in Food , Health and Pharmaceutical industry for sanitizing hands by dispensing Ethyl alcohol based disinfectants. Our dispensers uses state of art spraying technology which is every efficient and avoid waste of expensive disinfectants.

 Cleaning& Disinfectant Chemicals
We have wide range of Disinfectant Chemicals are eco friendly and FDA Approved. Our Disinfectant chemical like floor cleaner and sanitizer, Hand Disinfectant, Anti Bacterial Hand Washes, Washroom cleaning n Sanitization etc all follows USFDA GRAS Norms.

Blue Colour Metal Detectable Bandages
We Supply wide range of blue colour metal detectable& X-Ray Detectable Bandages that are used in food &Catering Industry, Industrial Kitchens, Bakers, Butchers etc. All the blue colour bandages comply with quality systems such as HACCP, BRC, IFS. We also market &distribute First aid kits for different sectors like food, butchery, Hotel kitchens, Bakery who follows International food standards guidelines.

Disposable Products
We are wholesale distributor of imported as well as indigenous Disposable products such as Latex Examination Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Face Masks, Bouffant Caps,  Disposable ,sleeve Covers, Aprons which are used in Healthcare, Pharma, Hotel Kitchens,  Food  Sectors where hygiene of workers working in the manufacturing/production department is of utmost importance.