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The X-Ray detection as well as Metal detection is the first line of defense to identify and reject the possible presence of physical hazard from the food, and this must happen before the food leaves the food-processing plant. The X-ray detection system is a daily use worldwide in the medical field, because of his effectiveness. For a decade the X-Ray detection system has become more and more popular among the whole Food Industry. The X-Ray radiation creates grayscale images, which are corresponding to the density of the inspected objects (in the Medicine bones versus organs, and in the Food Industry, the Food versus physical contaminants). Using it the medical expertise Detectaplast® invented the Metal Detectable & innovative X-Ray visible range of bandages. Incorporation of a unique radiopaque, polymeric composition into the X-Ray version of those bandages (Premium and Elastic range) results in the excellent X-Ray detection.

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3 Types of Metal Detectable Bandages

Premium Metal Detectable Bandages

  • Size - 25 x 72
  • CD 8025
    Blue Colour, Latex Free, Waterproof & Dirt resistant, made from strong PU material which protects from bacteria & viruses and allows skin to breathe which is important for proper wound healing.

Universal Metal Detectable Bandages

  • Size - 25 x 72
  • CD 8141
    Blue Colour, made from special PE material, Waterproof & Dirt resistant, latex free

Elastic Metal Detectable Bandages

  • Size - 25 x 72
  • CD 8241
    Blue Colour, latex free, made from elastic textile, flexible & highly suited to mobile body parts.

First Aid Kits/Medic Food Box Kits to be used in Food Industry, Hotel Kitchens & Flight Catering

 CD 9010 - Medic Box elastic
 CD 9011 - Plaster Box HACCP Washproof
 CD 9015 - Medic Box Basic
 CD 9020 - Medic Box Butchery
 CD 9021 - Medic Box Bakery
CD 9022 - Medic Box Food Horeca
CD 9030 - Medic Box Large Size

CD 9040 - Medic Box XL

New Mini Size Kit of Blue Colour Metal Detectable Bandages & Dressings for Food & Food Processing , Industrial Kitchens & Hotel Kitchens.

Art 9091 - First Aid Kit HACCP

Art 9091 - First Aid Kit HACCP